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I would greatly appreciate your feed back on my books & the Inner Emotion Guidance Cards. Please fill in the comments box below.  Please state what your review is for. Thanks Soeli

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  1. Hi Soeli. I received it on Tuesday 15th May 2018. Wow the children loved it. They interacted with the book, making tbe animal sounds and doing the actions such as the elephants trunk and crocodiles snap and at the end of the story they said “again, again” The 4 year old said “I liked it when he found a friend” The 20 month picked the book up and faced it to the other children as if he was reading to them. The illustrations are fantastic, very colurful. Thank you Wendy Harris x

  2. My nephew Rufus Lugg (age 6) was hooked on Edward The Worm’s story and turned the pages excitedly to read Edward’s adventures and near-misses during his time getting back to the wormery! Would recommend to any child!

  3. Just finished reading The Adventures of Edward the Worm. It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s colourful and very exciting, it is very well written and the illustrations are just fabulous. My little girl has enjoyed looking at the pictures and pointing out various things. I think it’s a new face. Can’t wait for more books

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